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Effect automatically fill 4:3 content on 16:9 project
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hugensjr [Avatar]
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I'm a long time Powerdirector user. Mainly becauae it performs really good (quick) and since I'm used to it I know a lot of keyboard shortcuts.

My 365 subscription just ended and I'm in doubt to renew my subscription or just revert to my licensed good old PD 13 Ultra.

Maybe it's just me, but differences between 13 and the 365 I used last year were not that mindblowing (for my use).
Since I use a lot of 4:3 (DV) footage, I think it's strange that between the load of effects, there is no out-of-the-box (PIP) )solution for using 4:3 footage in an 16:9 project. E.g. fill the black sidebars with a blurred (zoomed or stretched) image. Same goes for 'Portrait' phone vid's.

And I still have difficulties finding my way in the complex title editor... It takes me a lifetime for decent, good looking titles. iMovie on my phone does a much better job on that.

Or did I not do my homework?

Thanks for your input and/or advice.
StevenG [Avatar]
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There is no automatic way to to make 4:3 video fill a 16:9 frame. In fact, I don't know of any video editor that automatically does this since it involves losing some video at the top and bottom of your clip.

But you can do it manually be double-clicking on the clip on your timeline to open the clip in the PiP Designer and setting Scale to 1.2.

And, as I said, I don't know any other editor that makes this simpler.

It's usually simplest to just leave the black bars on the sides of your video. Your audience most likely won't even notice it, and you won't have to up-scale your resolution.

Meantime, if you're looking for training on the basics of the program, both PowerDirector University and I offer free tutorials on YouTube. If you want to master the basics to get started, why not start with my free Basic Training series?

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