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PDR19 GM5 v19.0.2808 released
PowerDirector Moderator
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PDR19 GM5 v19.0.2808 has been released.

Release Date: 2021/4/9

Version - PowerDirector 19

Build Number - 19.0.2808

SR Number - VDE210315-02

Software Update pages:

Release Note:
Updates PowerDirector to build 2808 - Installing this patch update enhances the program stability.

This patch is not for PowerDirector 365 subscription version, hardware bundled/pre-installed versions, volume license, educational editions, or versions purchased via the Microsoft Store and Steam.

Fixes the display issue of Motion Graphics Titles in the Ad Designer.
Improves the video encoding quality with the NVIDIA HEVC hardware encoder.
Improves the program stability when editing Motion Graphics Titles.
Fixes the issue that there are unexpected black lines when previewing some 360 videos in 360 viewer mode.
Fixes the issue that background images do not fit the preview area in the Title Designer.
Fixes the issue that added images unexpectedly move if placed on the preview area border in the Title Designer.
Fixes the issue that audio and video are not synced for produced videos with specific source video clips.
Fixes the issue that transition duration setting does not work for transitions in the Seamless Transitions Pack.
Fixes the issue that blending mode is ignored on clips when specific alpha type transitions are applied.
Fixes the issue that previewed geometric transitions appear black in the 360 project aspect ratio.
Many other UX improvements and minor bug fixes.

PowerDirector Moderator

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