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PowerDirector 14.0 Custom Titles dissapear often
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JyBravo70 [Avatar]
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Hi All, I have an issue with keeping/saving my custom titles. I have made a set of Custom Titles and they have a user defined tag as well. When I create a new video and use them it works great, they are very simple black screen with white text. I use these for my daughter's sports competitions for the coaches to review later and instruct on ways to improve.

I believe my AVG or CC Cleaner is deleting the files when system maintenance is run every week as they dissapear between tournements. I have found the most recent re-creation of the Titles in

I have read that PowerDirector follows the default path so I recreated this structure on my C:\ Drive (did this today)

Is this the actual location of the Titles I have made or are there other locations? Could I place these in the actual program Title folder so they don't disapear again in the future? This saves me about half an hour per video as there are 9 templates I created for Titles that are added inbetween clips, all I have to do is modify the text.

Why would these dissapear and is the above method the only way to back them up? Should I copy them into a different folder and create a jump-link?

My User library files were all migrated to the D drive via Windows after setting up the PC as my C drive is a 720GB SSD and my D is a 2TB 7200 RPM HDD. I have it set up this way to save space and read/write cyvles on my SSD. I believe the system maintenance of either CC Cleaner or AVG is deleting the files as it is seeming them as program casche files? Thanks!
tomasc [Avatar]
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Is there not a virus virus chest or vault with AVG where you could restore those items if needed. That is the way I recall it working.

You can always backup that folder to an external drive. No one has ever reported that AVG deleted their titles. Never happened to me with it.
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