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Start a new PhD 365 session?
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I wanted to start a new PhD365 session.

But it loaded and is showing my old project. I did not choose to load a project, I just opened PhD365

There is no 'new' option. But instead if prompts you to create a new project folder.

Or do I have to delete all assets?

It is kind of a pain.

Can I just wipe out what is there and start from scratch?

Help me out as to why it does this?


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Hello Veepo,

Yes, that's default behaviour for PhD.

You could:

  1. Create a new project folder (as prompted)

  2. Remove all imported assets and carry on, as if it were a new project

  3. Close PhD, locate your current project file on your PC (.pds file inside a project folder) & delete it from your PC (assuming you have no need to keep it), then re-open PhD to an empty workspace.

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