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SO Ready to Give Up on CyberLink
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AJoy20 [Avatar]
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First off, Why does it take them so VERY long to respond to us: I attempt to reach out through our member zone first before here and I simply, when attempting to launch off a business can NOT wait days on end for replies:

Then to be totally misled on product assistance


Before I begun to purchase licensed products I sent a lengthy message to support asking for advice on products, explaining my situation, present status and possible future growth capacity I saw with Cyberlink's media utilities if I could be led properly in the right direction. I seriously feel as though I was totally misled. Not only did it take days for a response (ok I can let that go) but now I have been paying months for PerfectCam that in all honesty I haven't even used because, that is what you suggested when after spending tons more hours of my own research find out no it isn't YouCam 9 would have been I could have spent the $35 one time, instead of wasting the $10 a month the past few months for a perfectcam that is junk and never used because it actually didn't assist or fit my current needs or trajectory I explained when contacting your support requesting product advice. I am very disappointed. I need Youcam, can't afford it quite yet, wasted money on the recommendation of perfect (NOT PERFECT) Cam that is doing nothing for my scenerio

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Unfortunately the people you are directing this message to will not find it here. Your best bet is to contact CyberLink directly:

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