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Linked audio/video and other topics.
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TheGameCzar [Avatar]
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Forward: I know the list is long, but I appreciate it if the appropriate team members would review this and at least consider these changes. As a software developer myself, I have tried to consider the ramifications of these changes. Further, I understand if there are contingencies, unknown to me, that would prevent them from development.

Introduction: For almost a year now, I have been using PowerDirector. At first an older version I owned for years. But I upgraded to 365 in early December. Due to COVID-19, I have been recording Bible Classes for my wife. Each week I record a new video. I often record multiple clips in a single take, that is a single video file from the camera (Canon Rebel T7i). These clips need to be "broken out" and reassembled/reordered on the timeline. However, I clean the audio in Audacity and then relink the audio to the video in PowerDirector. But this introduces several annoyances when editing in PowerDirector. Hence the feature requests.
I often split out and produce the songs from these videos. This way the songs can be reused when we do "best of" and "clip shows". The songs often have exceedingly small intro sections, which I make a separate clip. Ctrl-Clicking these video/audio clips can be difficult, without zooming in. But I must Ctrl-Click them, to set the alias. That brings me to…

Feature Request #1: When I "Change Alias...", I would like a dialog that showed both the audio and video aliases, for the active frame, and let me edit either/both aliases at one time. A check box to make the audio/video the same alias would be nice too.

Feature Request #2: Make the “Home” and “End” keys work for linked video/audio clips. I can Ctrl-Click either the video or audio, of the linked clips, and then the "Home" end "End" keys work as expected. But that is cumbersome. When a linked clip is selected, the "Home" end "End" keys could work on whichever is longer, the video or audio clip. An alternative could be to have Ctrl+Home/End to jump to the beginning/end of the linked video clip and Shift+Home/End could jump to the beginning/end of the linked audio clip. I think the same should also work for Grouped Objects. However, I realize that this could be a problem when there are multiple layers of audio and video in the group.

Feature Request #3: Make pressing the “Enter” key, on the "Set Alias" dialog, select "OK" and close the dialog. Compare this to "View Properties", where pressing “Enter” clicks the "Close" button.

Feature Request #4: I would like tools for aligning clips. It would be nice if I could click several clips, on different tracks, and then right-click and choose "Align Beginnings" or "Align Endings". An error dialog would need to be displayed if clips would overwrite one another.

Feature Request #5: I would like to right-click a clip or a grouped object and choose to produce just that content. As I said before, I often produce the songs, for reuse. The way I do it is as follows.

  1. Save a copy of the project as "Temp", as a safety precaution.

  2. Delete all the clips except one song I want to produce.

  3. Produce the video and save the output to the "songs folder".

  4. Undo everything back to the full video.

  5. Rinse and repeat for each song.

I know that I could use sub-projects. But that is also cumbersome, and I do not really need the sub-projects. However, if I could select several (contiguous) objects and choose to export them as a sub-project and have the clips replaced by the new sub-project. That would be cool too.

Feature Request #5: I would like to be able to lock/freeze a clip's position on a track. That is, it would never move, regardless of the editing keys pressed: Ctrl-Delete, Shift+Drop, etc. An error would need to be displayed if the operation could not be completed, due to a locked/frozen clip. This is handy for timed "sponsor breaks." However, I would use it to place the outro at the end time marker, and then edit for fixed-length video, 20 minutes in our case.

Feature Request #6: It would like to have a checkbox, on the "Produce Screen", to turn on/off subtitles before producing.

Feature Request #7: I would like to be able to export each of the Track 1 (or selected track) aliases, along with their start time signatures, to either a text or XML file. I would use this to produce a catalog of files, containing clip titles, which I could easily search. Others might use this to create content lists for YouTube. Web content producers could consume the XML file to produce a video’s content listing. The same could be applied for timeline markers, or both timeline markers and clip aliases.

Feature Request #8: I would like to be able to right-click on a clip and choose "Zoom to Clip". This would show the clip on the far left of the timeline, zoomed to fit the whole width.

Feature Request #9: When opening a project and files cannot be found in their original locations, I would like the warning dialog to check subfolders under the project folder and have a button to use them, rather than have to search for them.

PS: How do I set my signature for this forum? Nevermind, I found that you have to post a number of messages before you are allowed to set your signature.

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You need to send your feature requests directly to CyberLink Customer Service via the form in PowerDirector or directly via the following customer support link:

CyberLink does not directly read or respond to posts on the forum.

PowerDirector Moderator

For customer support related issues, please contact:
- Customer service:
- Technical support:
TheGameCzar [Avatar]
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Thank you I sent this to customer service.
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