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Best way to gallery display/slideshow?
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Maarkr [Avatar]
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After starting this, I stopped to wonder if I am wasting too much time doing my project this way. I figured the best way to do something is to ask the experts.
I have hundreds of digitized photos from the past 50 years, and will be organizing them in different projects/movie files. I started building a slideshow type of presentation. I want to show this in a gallery on a photo frame type of device or chromebook to run the show. I also plan to use my music from my published songs, so it will prob be output to a speaker system.

I started building it, alternating 8 sec clips on 2 different video tracks with overlapped fades between each photo for the length of each song. Prob not the best way to go about it. I wonder about many different ways to do this, but building maybe 8-10 videos with maybe a hundred photos each, I would like to minimize any extra effort that I don't need to do.

Any other ideas to do a gallery display of these photos with music?

If I do a slideshow type of presentation, how would you recommend to do that?

Edit: no responses, so I guess the question is too vague and I did not notice the presets for slide shows... I loaded the slideshow presets so that may be the best starting point instead of doing a manual drag n drop. Are there any improvements in slideshows between PD15 and the latest PD19?

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tomasc [Avatar]
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You may want to explore theme designer, magic movie, and express projects that already exist in PD15 for slideshows. Of course PD365 is better but only if you use the features.
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