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PowerDVD 17: Inconsistent disc reading
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Wellard [Avatar]
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I've been using an external blu ray drive over the last month and watching a TV series with it and have found occasionally it just not reading parts of a disc.

The disc is able to load up correctly and at least get to the menu everytime, but occasionally for specific episodes the picture and sound will freeze or stutter at a random point and will struggle to read the rest of the episode with the green light on the drive no longer flashing. The timer for the playback will carry on as normal, but the picture and sound won't catch up.

Strangely, it doesn't mean it won't read the rest of the disc as I can load another episode from the same disc and not have the problem occour. It will just not work for that episode. It's happened on multiple discs so far.

I don't believe it's a problem with the discs as they work fine on other devices but I'm unsure what the problem is and whether it's something wrong with the PowerDVD software or the Blu Ray drive.

tomasc [Avatar]
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Are these the discs you made yourself or copies of the original? If they are the original commercial disc then there usually is a warranty period that you can claim a defect with the proper sales receipt to get them replaced by the manufacturer if that is indeed the problem. Cleaning the BD drive by a qualified technician can help if it occurs on many discs.

Try the VLC player if they are non commercial homemade discs to see if the problem is still there.
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