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Zooming in/out webcam on screen recording?
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GarethWilliams [Avatar]
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Hi everyone,
I know how to get the webcam working and having it in the corner of the screen when recording.

I don't think it's possible but is there a way when recording where you could press a button so the webcam is full screen and then press a button to minamise back into the corner during normal screen recording?

So basically if I wanted to make a tutorial how to do something I could show but if I want to talk to the viewer, then I can go full screen on the webcam record?

Also, with the webcam, is there a way of zooming it in a bit as it has a really wide angle lens and I'd like to focus it more on me and not have a good view around the room ?!!

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I think that's all dependent on what your webcam viewer software is capable of.

If you're using CL ScreenRecorder, you'd want to set it to capture the entire screen so any window maximizing/resizing you do will be captured. You can't save the full screen and webcam as separate streams though, so you won't be able to zoom in or move the windows around while editing. You'll have to do it all live.

As for zooming in, that's dependent on your webcam's hardware for a physcial zoom - although the software may allow you to crop or resize the viewing window to cut off some of the unwanted background. The only other option would be to have the webcam physically closer to you so there's less background in the frame.

The more thought you give your setup and preparation the less work you'll have when editing.
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