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3D Titles/Text animation with keyframes, or??
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CarsonGrey [Avatar]
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Just looking to have an extruded text rotate about an axis slightly, then back, during a title animation/clip. Ease in/out, the usual stuff.

Problem is, keyframes are for 2D (with no perspective adjustments to even fake it), and 3D has no keyframes! So if you position the 3D text, that is it... it has to stay in that position (this is where I can go no further)...

Please tell me someone knows how to do this... or that I should stop fiddling with it an dreading docs...

thank you!

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You didn't mention which older version you have, but there are 3D effects that will provide similar movements, like 3D Swing I. The downside is that those starting/ending effects can't be tweaked, so they'll either work for you or they won't.

If you want more control, newer versions of PD come with NewBlue Titler Pro 1.5 which is much more capable and customizable. There are all kinds of extrusions and rotations available for the entire text, one word at a time and even for individual characters.
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