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Color Match issue when using LUTs or Color Presets
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When answering the recent question about applying LUTs to multiple clips, I found something unusual about the Color Match tool.

Previously I've used it to approximately match clips with LUTs or Color Presets applied, but in 19.1.2321.0 that's no longer possible.

If I have two timeline clips and apply a preset or LUT to one of them and open them both in the Color Match tool, the only time the preset or LUT appears is when that clip is in the Target position.

Placing the preset/LUT clip in the Reference position, either by selecting it before opening the CM tool or by using the swap button with the tool open, removes the preset/LUT so it's not possible to match the other clip to it.

Here's a short video showing the issue:

I've just reported it to CL and I'll post back once they confirm that it's a problem or let me know that's how the tool is now intended to work for some reason.

Ticket # is CS002287802

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