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Project file completly messed up after export!
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CB-crew [Avatar]
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I worked for about 3 days on the project (an Instagram post with 1080x1080px resolution/1:1) and everything went smooth.
Today in the morning after exporting the video to a lower resolution (720x720px) I returned 'back to edit' to find my project file completely messed up.

  • music beat markers where gone

  • most video clips from the timeline gone, together with pan/zoom and color enhancement infos

  • position of the music and sound tracks displaced

Only to show some of the 'changes' in the project

This happened for me the second time in a project. Fortunately this time I was able to restore the project from an automatically created backup file.

I can therefore only recommend to everyone to set the auto save interval as short as possible and perhaps also to take these autosaved files into account for the backup.

Edit > preferences > Project > 'Auto save project every:'

Best regards
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I'm unclear on why anything would have happened to the timeline, much less the actual project (which is saved in the PDS file) after you produced it.

I imagine that if you closed PD without saving once you saw the unwanted changes, your original project would have still been intact. You may want to run a disk check utility to see if there might be problems with your hard drive or SSD.

Meanwhile, I'm very glad you were able to use the autosave to recover all your hard work. That feature has saved me and other forum members countless headaches over the years. Thanks for the helpful advice!
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