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Audio keeps not playing in the right place
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ArcticPandaPopz [Avatar]
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So I recorded some audio and for example when I say News time at the 10 second mark, when I edited other tracks, Next time I play the audio, the bit where I say news times is like at the 15 second mark. Even thou I trimed the audio and locked it, so I knew what time excactly I was gonna say news time. Help please.

This has only started happening recently on my last few projects.
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Can you take a screenshot of your timeline showing the clips and audio waveforms?

Use Alt + Print Screen or the Windows snipping tool (Win + Shift + S) if you have Win10, then save the image as PNG or JPG. Click on the Attachments button below the forum's text box to upload and share it here.

You caould also use Screenrecorder to record what happens when you're previewing the timeline. Upload that to YouTube or OneDrive or Google Drive and paste a link to it here.
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