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Unable to add keyframe close to previous keyframe
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trtaylor [Avatar]
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I am a new PD 365 user. I am using PD primarily to produce youth hockey game videos.

I am trying to create the following scenario.

In my example let's say game play stops at 2 minutes 11 seconds and a faceoff occurs. I want to zoom in, so I add a key frame.

Perhaps 8 to 10 seconds later I need to zoom out or perhaps pan the zoomed in area in order to follow the players while the video remains zoomed in. In either case I need to add another key frame.

Except the Crop/Zoom/Pan tool will not let me add a key frame at this time. In fact, I cannot add a new key frame until the playhead marker has advanced almost 40 seconds past the previous key frame. What am I missing or doing wrong?

I tried to first Fix/Enhance > Video Stabilization, but this made no difference.

Is there a keyframe setting I am overlooking?
JL_JL [Avatar]
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Maybe posting a pic will shed some insight. In the Crop/Zoom/Pan editor I can add a new keyframe on the 4th frame for 30fps timeline from an existing keyframe and on the 7th frame for 60fps timeline.

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The C/Z/P tool is really set up for using short clips, and that's when you can get keyframes as close together as Jeff wrote.

If you have a longer clip, the minimum distance is much farther apart. With a 17 minute test clip, the minimum spacing on a 60fps project is 10:23, and I'll infer that you're dealing with something like a 60min clip.

The workaround is to either trim the big clip into much smaller sections, ideally under a minute in length, or use the Keyframes tool or PiP Designer and make the crop/zoom/pan changes there.

When I was making lacrosse videos for my daughter's team, I synced several cameras and cut out the dead space when the ball went out of bounds or there was a foul and long wait for play to resume.

These events naturally break up the main clip, but even with a section that's several minutes long, as long as you start and end each clip at full screen, you're free to make any number of trims where you C/Z/P.

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