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SVRT in PD18 vs 14
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ReddRS [Avatar]
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I purchased PD14 primarily because of its advertised capability to smart render video output. While in general I feel it is an excellent program, the severely limited number of codec/resolution/bitrate combinations that are truly supported was a major disappointment. On top of that, 10%-15% of those few projects it does attempt to smart render come out unplayable in anything other than PD14 itself. The GOP's on either side of every transition drop to 18 or 20 fps leaving a choppy unwatchable mess. It even produced 1 or 2 where the entire video was that way. I've had no success trying to correct that with other software.
I would consider spending another $100 upgrading if PD18 offers an improvement in those two respects (increased number of SVRT profiles supported and the functionality of same). Does it?
Am I correct that 18 is the last version compatible with Win7? Thx!

ETA: Just found the answer to my Win7 question. Mods, feel free to move this to PD19 forum and modify the subject accordingly if you wish. Or not and simply address PD19 here if there's a difference.

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I don't know that there have been any significant improvements or an expansion of compatible clips in SVRT since PD14. There are often glitches with a few specific codecs and bitrates, so the best way to know if SVRT will work for you is to test it with some actual clips you'd like to work with.

You can download the free trial, but that has limits on the maximum pixel size you can import (nothing above HD).

If you'd be willing to upload a clip or two to a cloud folder on OneDrive or Google Drive and paste a publicly shareable link here, I or other members can give them a try and let you know if SVRT works with them. See this FAQ for more details.
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