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Multicam Designer video delay
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ScottFSEA [Avatar]
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I've uploaded 3 video files in Multicam Designer in PD 365, sync'd the auto and when I play it in the preview window, the video is in slow mo.

I've read a bunch of other posts and tried all kinds of things such as:

  • Disabled Shadowfiles and Deleted Shadowfiles

  • Making sure everything was updated

  • Rebooting

The only thing that works is lowering Timeline Preview Quality to "High Preview Resolution". Anything higher than that causes the slow mo. I'm hoping I don't have to sacrifice the quality of the preview. I know it does process correctly but, it would just be annoying to not be able to edit with clear video.

I've attached my DXDiag file as well in case that helps.
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Thanks for the DxDiag results. They tell pretty much the whole story - your CPU just isn't powerful enough to work with 3 concurrent video streams, especially if any are 4K or were recorded at a high bitrate.

Your CPU's benchmark is about 7000, and the recomended minimum value for working with PD is 10k, while 20k is much better.

You actually should have shadow files enabled and make sure the little tags on them show green in the Media Library, then import the clips from the Media Library into the MultiCam designer (rather than importing them straight from the hard drive).

While you say you've updated everything, the video driver for your Intel UHD Graphics 630 is actually more than a year out of date. There are two similar Asustek models, and if you have the FX580VD system you can get the latest driver here; if instead it's the NX580VD, go here.

Working with a lower quality preview is the only other thing that will help, and remember that only the timeline preview is affected. Your finished video will play back perfectly.

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ScottFSEA [Avatar]
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Thank you so much for your help and guidance. I'm disappointed that my machine is already so outdated and under powered. (sigh) I'll just run the preview at the lower resolution until I can upgrade.

And thank you for the advice on the updated drivers. I've gone ahead and updated those.
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