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Hello I have a problem involving Keyframing.
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Cinos123 [Avatar]
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Okay so my issue is that I'm trying to make a YouTube video and I want Goku's face to be ontop of Mewtwo's. Whenever I try to do it Goku's head is always in the middle of the video and not following Mewtwo at all. I was trying to keyframe(My friend told me what it is but he doesn't use PowerDirector) it but I do not know how to do it. This might sound silly but I know nothing about video editing and I really need the assistance. If you don't understand what I meant by all this I'm trying to basically attempt something like the intro to the video.
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Hi Cinos123 -

This might sound silly but I know nothing about video editing and I really need the assistance.

I'm not sure if you understand that this thing you'd like to do (replacing a head in an animation) is very complex. It does involve keyframing, just as your friend suggested.

I'd say it would be very challenging even for an experienced PDR user... even more so when you look at the speed & complexity of motion in the graphics. Take this one for example. EEK! Even a short sequence from something like that would involve hours/days of work.

Keyframing motion is creating a set of keyframes that "tell" an object (like a head) where/how to move and at what speed.

I'm not trying to put you off, but I do think it would be better to begin with a more simple challenge. e.g. start with one where the head of the character doesn't turn.

I'll try to put together a simple project to help get you started...

Cheers - Tony
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