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Frame blending motion blur in PD19.
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BITHC [Avatar]
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Hi, I was wondering, How do i frame blend? Sorry if i sound a bit agrovated, its cause i am. I really want to konw how to do this so i can make 300fps minecraft pvp montages but i cant seem to find this feature!
as seen in this video:
That is Premiere pro, I really wish i could find this on PD19, please i beg, please help!
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I don't think that PD has that feature. If you can point me to anything saying/showing PD's frame blending motion blur I'll be happy to see what I can quickly learn about it.

There is an interpolation setting when slowing down a video in the Video Speed Designer, where PD can create a middle frame based on the frames before and afterward, but as far as I'm aware there's no tool or setting to specifically blur skipped frames when using high fps clips.

You might be able to use a blurring FX set to a very low value over the entire video, just enough to take the sharp edges off the fast moving objects without being too soft when things are steady.

If you're willing to share a short sample 300fps clip, I can see what other tools or effects might help. Please see this FAQ if you'd like to do that.
3POINT [Avatar]
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Adding motion blur goes great with RSMB plugin from .
Despite the availability of this plugin for a lot of NLE's, unfortunately for PD it's not available. Recware: DJI Osmo Pocket, GoproHero7Black, PanasonicFZ300/HCX909, Sony PXW-X160.
Software: Vegaspro18+Vegasaur/VegasMovieStudio17/PowerDirector365
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Playware: Samsung Qled QE65Q6FN, Philips 55PFL7108
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