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packing project
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Branxholme [Avatar]
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I am using pd13 and am packing a project from the file menu/pack project materials. (not file menu/export/pack project materials)... presumably not an option in older pd13!
when I save to external hard drive the project saves the. pds(mts files) and 210.png files for 1 solitary title? Should the project require 210. png files?
also.... previously I used to save manually the. pds project and have it in the same folder as all the. mts files together with any music . mp3 tracks and with the produced. MP4 finished product.
What is the difference between doing everything manually (into the same folder) and using the 'pack project materials' option from the file menu?
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It sounds like you have some animation in your title, and PD saves each frame as it's own image which then get played back to animate the text.

The difference between manually saving everything in the same folder and using Pack Project Materials is that PD will "flatten" the project (PDS) file so that all media references are in the same folder as the project. If you manually move everything to the same folder, PD will try to locate the media in their original folder locations and you'll have to manually browse to each of them.

If there are only one or two folders, it doesn't take too much effort, but if you have downloaded titles or effects, or have media scattered in dozens of different folders, it's a nightmare to track them all down.

The only other difference is that packing a project will copy all your media clips to the new folder, so you'll end up with 2 copies and need twice the storage space overall; whereas if you moved your source clips manually you won't have duplicates. Of course you can make copies or delete unneeded duplicate clips manually if needed.
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