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Cyberlink Shutterstock and Diwali clips?
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I searched on Diwali for Shutterstock - nothing. About a billion people around the world celebrate it, but nothing?

Type in Christmas you get results, Ramadan - none. Hannuka - none.

Can we request specific files from SS or pay for them separately?

Do they update or grow the library? Maybe one day?

Thank you!
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Hi Veepo -

Obviously, Shutterstock has Dewali related videos but they mustn't be part of the arrangement with CyberLink. Based on some of the pricing I've seen, you make need to befriend a wealthy benefactor!

I subscribe to both Digital Juice & StoryBlocks, both of which have Diwali related content. User pays. I can tell you that those two subsciptions together are w - a - y less than a basic Shutterstock one.

Cheers - Tony
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