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Avast Cleanup Premium will screw up your Cyberlink software installation
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Avast Cleanup Premium will screw up your Cyberlink software installation.

I understood it could be my personal experience but who knows if others might encounter the same problem.

The cleanup tool removed my cyberlink software registries and cause lots of content packs and even the main powerdirector cannot be "uninstalled" nor "updated" any more because the installation info have been removed in Windows OS.

I have to reinstall Windows to get everything back and resolve the problems.

You can check this in your installed program list of Windows Settings > Apps, if the icons of cyberlink programs got removed and doesn't display on the installed program list, the installation of the target program might possibly get removed or cleaned by system cleaning related tools.

I know many users might have interests in installing multiple system tuning or cleaner software to keep the PC "HEALTH" and "FAST".
But, lots of craps and even worse malware will be hidden in this sort of system configuration software because you will authorize them to do lots of system adjustments without any hesitation.

Just ask yourself a question if you installed one or multiple system cleaning and tuning tools on your platform:
Have you ever checked and undertood every single registry and file your cleaner software removed that might get related with other programs you installed?

I'm afraid not many users would really know what registry or files will be cleaned by a 3rd-party system cleaner software.
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Thanks for the detailed heads up. PD does put assets in many different folders and uses many different registry settings, so I can easily see how an aggressive cleaner might take out something critical which seems to be unused.

I've been burned by things like this many times and I now keep several system image backups locally and in the cloud so I can recover from situations like this.

If you had Windows Restore Points enabled, you might have been able to recover without having to fully reinstall Windows, and I hope anyone reading this will make sure they're turned on so they'll be at least partially protected aginst things like this.

Backup apps are also lifesavers. I use the paid version of EaseUS Todo Backup but the free version does all the basics. Macrium Reflect and Acronis True Image are also good and may help keep some hairs from being pulled out and a few monitors from getting smashed in frustration 😥
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