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Rename a project
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IngoAre [Avatar]
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Hi everyone,
I want to rename a project. Due to many updates the name of my main project is now "Ingo_10.01_10.03_11.01_11.03_11.04_11.05_12.01"...
I would like to throw out all the version numbers.
Does anyone have an idea?

Philwild [Avatar]
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Just rename the project in Windows Explorer.

Then you'll be able to open the renamed project in PhotoDirector, either by double clicking the project name in Explorer, or the open project command in PhD.
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Hello Ingo,

Welcome to the PhotoDirector forum laughing

Philwild is absolutely correct. PhD has no facility to rename a project or "Save Project As", so renaming in Windows is the best (only?) option.

Be aware that when you do this, then open your renamed project, PhD will create some extra folders that reflect the new name. Where the project is stored, there are sub-folders called xxxx_cache & xxxx_faceme.

e.g. if you have a project called Ingo1, there will be sub-folders called Ingo1_cache & Ingo1_faceme.
If you rename it to Ingo2, then open the project, PhD will create extra folders called Ingo2_cache & Ingo2_faceme.
The previous folders Ingo1_cache & Ingo1_faceme are now redundant & can be deleted.

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