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Repeated BSOD
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Hi there,

I've been getting repeated BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) on my PC while editing a video. Is there any potential fixes? This happened at least 7 times tonight while in final stages of editing a 9 min music video.

A little detail about the project - it used 3 diff camera video files, but then I've split them up into multiple tracks on the timeline to edit the video. I don't use the Multicam editor because it doesn't have enough channels. I've got 8 or 9 video tracks and one audio track, plus at the end an added video track for titles. It is highly annoying, and cost me probably at least an hour, plus massive frustration.

Would love any help on this.
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One of my BSOD
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Your Blue screen says you have a memory problem of some sort.

Try increasing your virtual memory. See if that helps, It won't hurt ot have more virtual memory.

Heap corruption just means some system is trying to modify the memory in the same area Windows is using. Carl312: Windows 10 64-bit 8 GB RAM,AMD Phenom II X4 965 3.4 GHz,ATI Radeon HD 5770 1GB,240GB SSD,two 1TB HDs.

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Did you use any GPU overclocking tools?
Uninstall them to find the peace.
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I don't know whether the root cause is with PD or something about how you have Windows configured or which devices are attached/installed, but one way to reduce PD's resource usage would be to save a new copy of your project with 6 of the video tracks removed.

Save it as Project1 and only keep the tracks with the sections of the clips you're currently working on. Do the same thing with the other pairs of triple tracks and produce each section when you're done editing. Then you can bring the 3 produced sections all together and use SVRT to quickly convert them into a single produced clip.

Note that you could also try simply disabling the 6 tracks temprorarily by unchecking the appropriate A/V boxes at the left edge of the tracks, but I'd hate to have you lose more work if this suggestion doesn't pan out.

Breaking the project into smaller chunks seems to be the safest way to get through this, and troubleshooting/reporting the issue to CL tech support can follow.
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