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Got a walk-through video--how to speed-up/slow-down snippets
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Hi all,

Got a client who shot an hour-long "walk-through" video, walking through new structures of a campus.

We thought it'd be a cool idea to "speed-up" certain sections of the video, as we're anticipating people will not sit and watch an hour-long video.

So right now, Iv'e got one .mp4 file I would import into PowerDirector 17 Ultimate 's Storyboard mode.

If I wanted to "Speed-up" various sections, what would the best tools be to do that?

1) Can I just highlight certain time-stamped sections as sort of a "start-point" and "end-point", and then within that selected portion, "speed it up"; and then move on down the line and choose another "start-point" and "end-point" and speed up that porion, etc. etc. on down the line? What's the specific Tool I would use to "speed it up", on a highlighted portion like that?


2) Is it adviseable to, at that point, chop this .mp4 file into different clips that are sitting on different lines, and then make those certain segments on an entire line "sped-up", and on down the line? Again, if this is the best way, what specific Tool would I use to do that?

God bless.

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