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Powerdirector 18 NO Nvidia GPU support on ASUS Ryzen4800H Dual Video Radeon APU
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I have a asus a15 Ryzen 4800h with built in radeon video processor and a Nvidia 1660 TI card, I cant start and use the 1660 ti card for rendering even when I force the powerdvd software to use it , it only wants to use the Radoen APU and it's a lot slower, ane solution, does the new version 19 support laptop with 2 videocards !?
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You posted in the PowerDirector18 forum but you're asking about PowerDVD. Can you clarify which product you're asking about?

If it's actually PowerDirector, you may find this post helpful for changing both required apps, but there's no guarantee that your laptop's hardware will actually allow PD to select the other card.
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Quote laptop with 2 videocards !?

Cheaper gaming laptops (90% of the ones on market) have the additional vidocard being piped trough the CPU's videocard, because the actual laptop screen is hardware connected only to the CPU's GPU.
Those laptops can use the additional GPU for gaming, but they can't use the additional GPU for video editing. They use a "pass-trough" software that is designed for 3D games and that's all.

There are a few workstation laptops that have a additional hardware multiplexer switch that can connect the internal LCD screen either to the CPU's GPU (like above) or to the additional GPU. They have a BIOS setting to control that.
Those specific workstation laptops can be used for video editing, and usually they cost more than just a "gaming" laptop. For example, since you have an Asus: they have the "ProArt StudioBook" laptop line that can use the added GPU for video editing:

Generally is well known that serios video editing should be done on a desktop.

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