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Recovering user-created presets for AD11/365
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I'm not sure why the new AD version doesn't find and carry over any existing user-created presets, but the good news is they haven't disappeared!

It looks like there's a new My Created folder on AD's Edit page, and its default location is C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\CyberLink\AudioDirector\Preset\11.0\. You should see 11 empty, named folders already there like Echo and Noise Gate.

The default preset folders for previous versions of AD are nearby, namely C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\CyberLink\AudioDirector\[version number (like 5.0 or live_10.0 for subscription)]\Preset\, so basically the preset and version # folders are swapped in the heirachy.

To restore your DeNoise presets from AD6, for example, make sure AD is closed and then copy the contents of the ..\AudioDirector\6.0\Preset\DeNoise folder to the new ..\AudioDirector\Preset\11.0\DeNoise folder.

When you launch AD11/365, load a sound clip and go to the Noise Reduction tool on the Restore page, you'll now see all your existing presets available when you go to choose one. Same should happen for all other restored presets
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