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Error code 01003 - 2080Ti with latest drivers | also dark playback of bdmv folder
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qwerty999 [Avatar]
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EDIT: So I've come to find out that only Intel GPUs after a certain generation are capable of playing the discs. I'd like to shake the hands of the geniuses that came up with this brilliant idea.

I would still like to know why the picture is ridiculously dark in PowerDVD but not on VLC.


I bought and downloaded PowerDVD 20 Ultra today (which I'm regretting). Getting this error code trying to play the BumbleBee 4K Blu Ray.

I have a 2080 Ti and I just installed the latest drivers today.

I ripped the complete disc to a bdmv folder and the image is so dark it's unwatchable. See the comparison to VLC here: I'm on a non-HDR monitor and I said "disable HDR" when the prompt came up.

(sorry, had to picture with my phone because of copy protection nonsense not allowing screenshots)

I am unable to change the brightness in the video settings because it's grayed out.

In summary:

  1. I have the latest GPU with the latest drivers. Why am I getting this error?

  2. Why is the picture so dark for 4K bdmv folder playback on a non-HDR monitor?

I'm currently regretting this purchase and considering requesting a refund. I only bought this to be able to backup and play my 4K movie collection and I can't do that.

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QC2.0 [Avatar]
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Playing HDR video on a non-HDR (SDR) monitor, it is expected that you will get a grey-ish result as your SDR monitor does not have the capability to inteprete the HDR colors for displaying.

If you see the playback on a SDR monitor displaying the scenes with rich colors, this is because the players (e.g. VLC or YouTube web player) have made some conversions additionally by remapping the HDR colors to SDR color range.
However, I'm afraid it is an artificial/fake one.

If your PC is compatible with playing 4K Blu-rays, the movie discs might support an option to display the video in SDR version.
Or, the movie disc might operate the playback in SDR mode automatically and not require to selecting any options.

However, it is not the case. You played the "ripped" video disc folders.
I'm wondering if the folder only keeps the HDR version but discarded the SDR downsampling.

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