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PD ScreenRecorder2 renders borders on resuming paused video
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starzar [Avatar]
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PD ScreenRecorder2 renders borders on resuming paused video.
It works fine when the recorder is first started but when it is paused and resumed the recorded video has a red dash outline around it .
Image -

Also ,another issue - There is no indication whether the recoder is paused on screen, making it difficult to know when the recording is resumed.
How to know whether the recording is resumed?

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I assume you were recording full screen, as opposed to being locked to an app or any of the other choices. Can you share the exact version number and version type of SR2? It's on the About screen under the ? icon on the top:

You can also try switching hardware encoding on or off from the Video tab under Preferences (gear icon) to see if that stops the after-pause border appearing. FWIW, I don't see the issue on my system with HW encoding turned on but your system may be different.

The best way to tell if SR2 is recording or paused is to click on the task bar icon 2 times in a row. The first click will bring up the full app in the corner and you'll see REC if it's recording or || if it's paused. On my system, hovering the cursor over the taskbar icon brings up a small thumbnail but it doesn't always match the current recording state, so the 2 click method is more reliable.

You can easily remove that onscreen check from your finished video if SR2 was recording, so don't let that stop you from being certain that you're recording!
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