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Any way to hide unused audio track space?
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MikeBMiller [Avatar]
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Hey everybody - new guy here. I just started using PD a couple of weeks ago.

I am working on a multi track music video for my community band that is going to have about 25 tracks by the time I am done. I have mixed the audio in Cakewalk and and using one master audio track. So once I have positioned the clip for each player to line up with the master audio, I am unlinking the audio track and then deleting it. It there any way to hide the unused audio track space? I need all the screen space I can get for this thing and those empty audio tracks are taking up a lot of room.

Also, is there any way to hide tracks that you are not working on in order to get some more screen space? That is normal in audio editing, but I am kind of new to the video thing.

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The best way I can think of is to click on the Add tracks button at the top left of the timeline and add 25 video tracks, like this:

Next, select all the video clips and drag them straight down so they still align horizontally but are on the new video-only tracks, then right-click in the left-most area of any track and choose Remove Empty Tracks.

You can bring up that same menu and set all video track heights to Small which will give you the smallest area needed to view them all.

If you have a second monitor, you can detach the preview window and place it on the other monitor while keeping the timeline and main PD editor in place.
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