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When make asplice or cut what frame should the cursor be on.
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ozstar [Avatar]
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With 365 when cutting or splicing what fram shoud hecursor be on tocut at the very last frame of the previous vision.

Should the cursor show the last frame or the 1st frame of the next vison?

I have the timeline extended as far as it goes yet it does not seem to show exactly each frame as other programs like Video Pro X I have.

Maybe I need to change my settings.

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There are no settings to change. PD won't ever show individual frames on the timeline, but you can show thumbnails with the approximate content.

You want the play head to show the first frame of the new scene when splitting a clip. If you're off by one or two frames, you can simply click and drag the edge and move it left or right - but if you need to move it left you may want to move the tail end of the other clip to the left first to make room.


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