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Audio level adjustment
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Davidk101 [Avatar]
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I'm finding the facility adjust audio levels (select clip, then click and drag the level line up louder) or down (softer)) - in any track, but especially in the music track - just too fiddly and not good enough. The level of control is too jerky and without apparent smooth selection.

For example, with a project containg video, photo, voice, text and music clips in the timeline tracks adjusting the audio levels in the music track goes from too loud at -15.2, to impossible to hear at infinity, a slight (breathe on it) mouse movement and it jumps from one to the other, and there's no smooth interval between them. Changing the overall audio level via the volume control under the [review window isn't the answer, as that just makes everything louder or softer. What I want is an ability to make the audio per track softer than currently is the case.

I realise it'sd a logarithmic function - small adjustments give lots of chnage, but the default mechanismgoes from still too loud to cannot hear it at all.

Is there a better way to adjust the volume levels per track, even a custom approach which suit the individual users hearing???
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Sure. Select the timeline clip then click on the Keyframe tool and set a single keyframe for the volume. You can drag the slider or type in a specific value from -28dB to +28dB (with +/- infinities as the stops). That's all there is to it.

If you want to apply that volume to other clips, right-click on the adjusted clip and choose Copy Keyframe Attributes, then select as many other clips as needed and use Paste Keyframe Attributes from the right-click menu.

The keyframe attributes clipboard is completely separate from the main Windows clipboard, so you're free to copy and paste other objects in PD without interfering with the cached keyframe attributes.

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