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Different frame rates on one time line
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Despeghel [Avatar]
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Maybe I should search the whole forum first, but my problem seems to be a gray zone...

So, I take footage with 2 different cameras.

Mavic Mini Drone : 1080p @ 60fps
Huawei P20 Lite smartphone with Filmic Pro app :
1080p @ 120fps

If I want to drop these files to my PD 16, I want to use only 1 time lime for the whole project.

Which time line should I select to edit both frame rates to slow down (slomo) and how to proceed...?

Or is PD16 capable to accept what ever frame rate on one pre-defined time line...?

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There are several discussions on different frame rates. You say you have PD16 but you posted in the PD17 forum, but either way the max timeline frame rate is 60.

Since PD knows the frame rate of each clip, it will assign one frame of your 60p clip to each frame in the timeline, while it will skip every other frame in your 120fps clip. You don't need to do anything for the clips to play at normal speed.

If you slow down the speed of your 60fps clip by 1/2 using the Video Speed tool, PD will keep each frame on screen for 2 frames. If you do the same to your 120fps clip, PD will show each frame on screen for 1/60 second, showing every frame in the clip at 1/2 speed.

You're free to change the video speed of any clip at any time, and you don't need to use round numbers. I used 1/2 only to help explain what PD does "under the hood."

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