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Power2Go Data Disk... slightly over... what happens?
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Juan Bilderain [Avatar]
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I'm trying to burn a data disk, Blu-Ray 50gb... I'm into the 'red' area on the capacity bar by like 500mb. So that I dont waste an expensive disk, I was just wondering what would happen if I started the burn. Does the red area mean like 'warning, you're close' or 'you are screwed, remove stuff'.

Thanks for any info!
[Thumb - burning pic.JPG]
burning pic.JPG
Capacity Bar picture
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tomasc [Avatar]
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I have no experience in burning a data BD disc. My experience is that Cyberlink products always overestimate in making a video disc, sometimes as much as 500 MB in which the disc is only 92% filled as reported by imgburn(freeware).

Since you are doing data instead of a video disc then it should be easy to check if that 500 MB overage is real. Use a calculator and add up all the 79 file sizes on disc in your screenshot to see if it is true.

If you do not trust the calculator then use imgburn. The overage in this software is close to zero.

Write down the difference between the P2Go, calculator, and imgburn. Post what you find is the difference in the three methods and let us know which is correct and if the burn was successful. This will help you and others to determine what to do with a data disc.
Juan Bilderain [Avatar]
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So I didnt do the other software but looked more into things with the data I was trying to burn.

I found out a few things.

Firstly, CyberLink's software was correct in its estimation of the disc space.

Turns out there are 2 size references that are commonly confused. Something might say 2.5GB when you hover your mouse over it, but when you right-click and select 'Properties' you can see the true size of the file. It will be in parenthesis in the size section. You'd see (keeping with the above example) a size of 2.5GB and next to it (2,686,999 bytes). Now, I totally made up that number, so dont use it as a reference for what 2.5GB truly is, but what I'm saying is that the space of a burnable disk is configured to the number you'd see in the parenthesis.

I went over in that size parameter.

I was doing some research online and they made the size distinctions of GB and GiB. People use them interchangably but they really are different. I wont go into the details. But there are exact calculations to convert one into the other and vica versa.

The 2nd thing I realized is that the numbers you see on a burnable media is in GB form. So my 8.5 GB DVDs are actually 7.96 GiB of burnable space.

So you got to remember that the disk will give you a number in GB, while Cyberlink is showing you the number in GiB.

Yay for information I can spout out at a party and ensure my place as the cool nerd, lol.
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