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Can't play 24p movies smoothly
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vmd12 [Avatar]
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I went to nvidia control panel and set the refresh rate to 23hz (which I assume means 23.976hz) but 24p movies still drop frame every 1-2 minutes. Vlc seems to play the movie without stutters. Any idea why?
QC2.0 [Avatar]
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VLC seems to play the movie without stutters.
It's great, but what if it does not play the movies in actual 24p but all frames are re-aligned to the screen refresh rate? It means the playback in VLC already lose the advantage you tried to achieve by setting the screen refresh rate to 23 Hz.

If you are playing 24p movie discs, just let poweredvd manage your screen refresh rate, but not set it manually on Windows or the GPU tool. For video file playback, powerdvd will not alternate your screen refresh rate to be consistent with your video file, but just let the GPU and monitor display the decoded video frames.

And, you might not know the actual frame rate of your movie if it is actually encoded in 23, 23.976, or 24 fps, however they might be all labeled as 24p on the box.

It is technically not possible to display a "0.976" frame on the screen, and all frames would get shifted (but not equally shifted) within a second to construct the 23.976 frame rate in average.
How a monitor refresh the screen in 23.976 Hz is less likely to be identical to how a video got encoded in 23.976 frames per second.
It means no 100% perfectness is possible when playing such content on a "23.976 Hz" display device.

I can understand but not agree there are some users who extremely care about the consistency between the frame rate and screen refresh rate.
It is not a good or comfortable way to enjoy movies, but just watch and examine pixels on the monitors.

An ancient topic regarding complicated 23 Hz and 24 Hz setup, pretty boring.

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