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Huge reduction in the number of video/picture tracks
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Jegger [Avatar]
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I've used this app for a long time, and as of March 2020 I was making videos with many picture tracks (up to about 8 or so). I quit using it in March and tried it again today. Now, I can only do 2 picture tracks. The app was obviously updated as the whole thing looks redesigned.

I know that CyberLink claims the number of tracks has to do with the SoC of the device. There's two problems with that though:

  1. My device didn't change. The app is what changed.

  2. The SoC of my device isn't written anywhere.

So, how do I fix this? I want to go back to being able to have the same number of tracks.
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I might have some partial answers for you.

Are you only talking about the video overlay tracks, or music, photo and title tracks too? On my Galaxy S8 phone, I have 1 main track and can add at least 7 overlay tracks and at least 4 music tracks with the latest version of the app, which is 6.9.1.

I do get a Video Overlay Maximim Exceeded message, however, after adding 3 video overlay tracks so I'm limited to 4 total. I can still add more overlay tracks as long as the content is titles or photos. Music tracks aren't affected by this limtation either.

As for determining which SoC you have, either search online or install the free CPU-Z app from the Google Play store. It shows my phone has a Snapdragon 835 with 8 cores.

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I can't definitively pin down what occurred but I'm guessing that the latest updates caused CyberLink to place more restrictions on the number of tracks available based on the SoC that you have. Adding keyframes, the ability to add effects to all tracks, images, and videos, etc. cause more significant resource needs on your SoC. I'm hoping that CyberLink updates the SoC resource page by adding more SoCs and elaborating on the capabilities of each SoC.

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