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Scale width of clip without changing height?
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I'm trying to scale a clip's width by a lot, intentionally stretching it in the process. However, whenever I try this, it either scales the height of the clip along with it, or it crops out parts of the clip. I need a way to lock the height in place while scaling the width to a custom amount.

For example, if the dimensions of a video clip are 1920x1080, I would want to change the 1920 dimension to 3000 so that the final clip is 3000x1080. According to another thread, I can't do this by setting a custom aspect ratio because custom aspect ratios are "impossible to implement". I need a way to do this without spending a buttload of money per month on Adobe Premier or having to deal with the constant crashing and ridiculous price of Sony Vegas.

A visual representation of what I want to do (pretend the pictures are video clips):

I find it incredibly hard to believe that something like this is impossible.

Edit: I found a way to do it. For anyone else wanting to do this, there's little blue tabs on the corners of your clips when selected. Drag those around.

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This is very similar to some of your previous threads, and you can do this but it's going to be a 2 step process:

  1. Create a custom 3000x1080 output profile outside of PD, then produce the video. Note that the finished video will actually be 3000x1080, but PD will use a non-square pixel aspect ratio to fit the video in a 16:9 frame, Also note that you don't need to do anything to change the clip AR inside PD, just work with everything as 16:9

  2. Use VirtualDub2 to convert the produced clip to square pixels to get the proper 25:9 display ratio

Sample clips, the custom profile I used.and the VDub2 project are in this OneDrive folder


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