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Upgrade to Power DVD 20 movie cover art issues
Topcat 101 [Avatar]
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I've been using PDvd since Version 5.. It seems that every upgrade changes the movie cover art...
Not an issue before, right click movie file and change cover art jpg... The upgrades are worth the effort but now w close to 2000 stored movies, its a real pain...
Is there a simple solution to indexing that will restore the cover art in the movie file..?
µRamjetski [Avatar]
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I honestly think there is no one at Cyberlink who is capable
solving this problem or else, it wouldn't have existed in the
first place.
I bought PowerDVD 20 and installed it on a new machine.
This problem cropped up. No Cover Art was being populated
on my movie collection. I tried all the usual things with the
Network Connection, the Firewall, the VPN... all of that. No
luck. I eventially installed PowerDVD 20 on five other new PCs.
Same problem on each PC.
I eventually bought PowerDVD 19 and installed it on all PCs.
It populates the cover art perfectly.
Everyone knows this is a problem but no one is smart enough
to fix it. Its like the file explorer in Windows. It hasn't worked
correctly in 25 years, but there is no one smart enough to fix
it. So, they ignore it. Just like these hacks will ignore this.
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