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Does PhotoDirector face tagging get smarter with more images?
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I pointed PhD to folders with lots of images. But I am seeing my face come up in face tagging as unnamed many times. Only a few are tagged with my name.

For instance, photos of my profile, or that are rotated come back an unnamed. As I manually tag more of these photos of myself, will it make further auto face tagging automated?

If I add my name to a few face tags of myself manually, and re run the face tagging, will it get smarter and recoginzie more photos, so I will have less unnamed?



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According to my testing, PhD 11 does get smarter as more images are face tagged.

I imported 10,463 images of a celebrity into an empty library, face tagged and merged six groupings containing a total of 67 images as Person1, removed all images from the library, and imported again. 5,532 were then automatically tagged by PhD as Person1. All appear to be correct. The ones not tagged contained only partial or no faces. If PhD did not learn, only 67 images would have been tagged instead of 5,532.

The bad news is that it took over an hour to import 10,463 images with only 67 faces tagged. This on a fast 16GB i7 with NVMe SSDs.

Can't wait to try and import 3.6 million images with 25,000 face tags.


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