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Will re-installing PowerDVD 18 erase my pinned vids?
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Simon Sez [Avatar]
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Dear forum members,

I've been having some problems earlier with PowerDVD 18 and I was curious to know if I try to uninstall and then re-install it, will I end up losing the pinned vidoes that I already have in my collection?

Recently, I was trying to pin some videos of the Intros and Clash scenarios from Injustice 2 simultaneously but apparently PowerDVD18 can't pin 2 many vids at once (had five trying to pin at the same time and they were each an hour and something minutes long). Because I was pressed for time, I tried to close the Cyberlink browser while it was in the middle of pinning instead of just stopping the pin itself.

Now when I open the PowerDVD18 browser and I go to my pins, four out of the five vids are still trying to pin (the bars are circulating but there are no numbers to indicate how long it will take before the pin is finished).

I'm thinking of re-installing this program, but I'm worried that if I do, I'll end up losing the pinned vids that I have (and they weren't easy to come by). The users who uploaded the vids I've 'pinned' have had their accounts cancelled, yet the vids can still play even those the links are 'dead'. Bear in mind, youtube has really beefed up security making pinning vids almost impossible now and it would be a real heartache to lose what I have so far.

Any recommendations on how to deal with this issue? Can pinned vids be transferred to another device with Cyberlink on it?
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