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graphics requirements for laptop 4k editing
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Hi All,

Im sure this has been asked 1000s times but im new and i'm hoping for some help.
I'm planing to get a laptop for light editing work on the go in 365. I was going to get an 8th possibly 10th gen I7 with 16gb of ram and 512 or 1tb ssd but the part im unsure on is the graphics requirements to be able to edit clips without stutter in the preview window.
I've read on here that some of the dedicated Nvidia cards have issues with powerdirector and wanted to know if any of the integrated GPUs can cope like intel HD520 or UHD 620 or will i need something dedicated.
I would be editing 4k footage from my Gopro 8 and 2k footage from my mavic mini. nothing heavy just family holiday movies.
My buget for a laptop isnt large, about $1200-1500 AUD or $800-$1000 USD.
Thanks in advance
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In fact, we just answered essentially this same question a few days ago.

The challenge is that you're editing on a laptop. Laptops are built for portability rather than speed. So for a laptop, you'll likely spend one-third to 50% more to get the same speed and power of an equivalent desktop.

Beyond that, what we say in the linked discussion still applies. With a limited budget, put your money into a good, fast processor and lots of RAM rather than focusing on a powerful graphics card. A good graphics card can help -- but you'll get a lot more performance from a fast processor and a moderate graphics card than you'll get from a moderate processor and a hot graphics card.

So begin your shopping by checking out the benchmark ratings. Get a processor that rates at least a 10,000. Get lots of RAM. Then check your budget for a graphics card.

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