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PDR 365 Feature Requests
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danmcb [Avatar]
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I'm a Gold Member for a year, and generally I like the program - but there are a few things in the interface that are REALLY irritating. I just renewed for another year, but only after I checked out the competition - I stay with PD365 because of one or two features that I don't find elsewhere.

Anyway a few things that could make PD365 a really GREAT product:

  1. Make it possible to clean up the time line easily. I don't WANT the Effects track, or the Titles track, or ... any of that stuff. Please just give a "delete track" option (with a warning if it has content of course) and let ME decide what I want on the timeline. I HATE all that clutter on the timeline that I don't want or use.

2. Make it possible to lock a clip or a track in TIME (so that every clip on it cannot be shifted) but still possible to trim or cut clips, or add effects and so on. Why? I make music videos. I have a soundtrack that I bring in as a .WAV and that never moves. Then I have footage of people playing instruments that I bring in and manually sync to that (has to be manual because the music is a mix of many sources). That's OK. But once that's done I then want to cut that long video take up, manipulate it all kinds of ways - but NEVER lose the sync. (this would just be a flag attached to clips that stays on every clip derived from the original, but can be turned on or off on a clip by clip basis).

3. PLEASE make a way to "de-activate" video clips without actually deleting them (as many audio workstations do). You can turn off a whoel track - but I want to do it to clips in a track. So useful to play with different edit possibilites.

Thanks for listening (I really hope you do, or I'll be shopping around again soon ...)

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The best way to get this info to Cyberlink so that the right people see it is to use Rate Us & Provide Suggestions under PD's File menu.

For your 3rd suggestion, just drag the green Opacity control line to 0 on the clip you want to disable. If it has audio that you also want shut off, right click on choose Mute Clip.
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