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Moving though large image collection
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SagiKarni [Avatar]
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I would like to create an effect where there camera looks like moving though large collection of images.
Take a look at the attached image ,
I'm referring to an effect that will take 50-100 images and make a nice floating camera effect over them (hopefully also in 3d)
Is there any kind of template / effect that i can use ?
Or should i just place all those images in the time line and try to create the effect by myself ?

[Thumb - coll.png]
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There's no template for doing this, so the only way to do this is to do a LOT of keyframing! At least in PowerDirector.

There are easier ways to do this in a program like Adobe After Effects, which is where this effect is usually created.
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If they're all static images, you can make a collage of them in any photo editing app. It can be square or rectangular and the photos should each be big enough pixel-wise that they'll look good in the finished video at your maximum zoom level (maybe full screen so 1920x1080 for HD)

Import the huge image and place it on PD's timeline, and set the duration for as long as needed. You can use keyframes in the PiP Designer as StevenG suggested or you can try the Crop/Zoom/Pan tool to give you a smooth flyover.

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