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Chromatic key
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I have the application power director on my chromebook, I bought one month the application but I don't have the possibility to put video on second plan. So I can't use a green screen and the chromatic key .

Could you help me please,
because i really need to use a green screen
[Thumb - Screenshot 2020-05-13 at 15.05.09.png]
Screenshot 2020-05-13 at 15.05.09.png
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The second video needs to go on the same track as "Pirate de Caraibes.." in your screenshot (or lower) to use the chroma key, but I don't know why you don't have a video tab like this:

Is the app version 6.8.0 (Build 80027)? Tap/click on the gear icon, then Settings and scroll down to About PowerDirector.
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The issue with Aliza's lack of video on a second timeline is the processor power or lack of support for same.
I have the same problem with my Galaxy tab 8 tablet, I get one video timeline, two layers strictly image/title/gif. Two audio timelines.
On my i-phone the same program gives me 3-4 video, more layers, more audio timelines.

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On my cellphone when I download the application I have the camera for the chromatic key. It works.
But on my chromebook it doesn't.

I want to desinstall and re install the application but I'm afraid of loosing my project that are saved on the application and not the cloud.

Do my project will diseappeard if I desinstall ?
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You could back up the project files to say your pc or the cloud before doing the uninstal. I do not beleive that there is a packed project equivalent of the pc version of the software where the project is portable between phones or tablets. I beleive that a saved project in the cloud can be opened and edited on a pc. See this tutorial: .
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As Barry stated, your Chromebook does not have the appropriate amount of processing power to support video overlays. Therefore the video option is not available when you select Overlay. Subscribe to PowerDirector University on YouTube to watch a new PowerDirector tutorial every Tuesday & Saturday.

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