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How to cut something out of the side of frame full length of video
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ozstar [Avatar]
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Just noticed that there is something in the left side of the frame for this interview and don't want it there.

What is the best way to get rid of it?

Crop seems to take the frame too small just the size of their face, so need it bigger,

Any ideas please. 16:9.
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There are many, many ways of dealing with unwanted items in the frame, and in order to give you any solid advice we'd need to see a screenshot including the unwanted item. It also makes a difference if the subject, camera and/or item are all stationary OR if any of them move during the course of the interview.

The more details you provide, the better the tailored the answers will be to your specific situation.


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Warry [Avatar]
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Removing whole buildings takes a different approach than a very small item. The other day I managed to disguise a logo at the bottom right by adding the Blur effect (from the effect room) and masking that so that it sat on top of the logo, play a bit with the effect settings to get the right gradient etc. It is the quick a dirty approach that is also often used on TV to hide logo's when re-broadcasting footage.
But there are many other ways, as Optodata says, maybe best to show us what it is you want to remove.😊
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When I want to hide something without changing the size of the video I use an image that integrates with the background on the object or an FX Blur effect creating a frame blurring the image until the object disappears XEON-E5-2670 v3 / Mem. 16GB DDR4
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