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Hand Drawn Graphics
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I'm trying to create RSA animation style graphics Example video... that is a whiteboard / cartoon style video. I'm not happy using sw like Doodly where you use predrawn graphics. I want to draw it all myself. Ideally what I want is to

  • Draw the image on my touch screen computer with a stylus

  • While drawing record my pen movements as a video ... A complex image may have 100s of mini videos. Its important to easily switch the recording on and off to capture the bits of the drawing I want, not all the erasing and editing.

  • The ability to use layers so I can isolte different parts of the image and use them later. That could be replaced by a decent capture / lasoo function.

  • I love drawing so I want a full range of sexy drawing tools ... way more than in the DP plugin PaintDesigner

  • I dont want to learn a huge new piece of sw like Adobe.

  • I dont want to be sending data between mutlitple programs

And I want to stay with PD because all the rest of the video is edited here.
Any suggestions for simple sw / plugins or workflow that may help?

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My original answer was to use Paint Designer, but since you deem that insufficently sexy and there are no other similar built-in tools, I have no other suggestions.

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Sorry! I spent years as an artist specilised in ink and pencil on paper...
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Quote Sorry! I spent years as an artist specilised in ink and pencil on paper...
Learning to drawn in a grahic program is a huge learning process.

You can buy Drawing Pads so you can input your hand drawing directly into a graphics program.

There is the Windows built in program "Paint" that can be used to capture your hand movements on the drawing pad.

There is also some very good free graphic programs. is one. I used of draw a picture of a woman's face that came out pretty good, as I am not an artist, I cheated, I traced a picture.

Do a search using the term "drawing pads for pc" without quotes in You will get lots of suggestions for Drawing Pads.


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Many thanks Carl ... Good tips ... I'll feedback into this post as I learn more and keep everyone updated. Tom
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Solution found ... For non-proffesional video makers I found this simple work-around for recording and editing brush strokes.


  1. When planning your image think carefully about the brush stroke order and how you will group the brush strokes.

  2. Use the Draw menu to create your image.

  3. Group brush strokes into the elements you want to work with.

  4. Switch to the Animation menu.

  5. Highlight the group you want to work with

  6. Now the magic happens ... click on 'Add Animation' ... 'Replay' ... PowerPoint automatically creates an animation of your brush strokes. Play with different Group and Animation settings for differnt Animation order.

  7. Get your timings correct in the Animation Pane

  8. Save in the format you want ... mp4 for PD ... svg for vector based graphics programs.

The difference to working in PowerPoint vs. PD for animating hand drawings onto the screen is

  • On PP each brush stroke can be individually animated and timed. Timing of each stroke can be changed after the drawing is complete. On PD (I think) the entire drawing is one animation from begining to end so cannot be edited in as much detail.

  • On PP you can save the drawing in different formats and so use it in differnt prgrams... so when I write an article I an incorperate the graphics that apear in the video and have full editing.

  • I prefer the PP drawing pallet ... but thats personal taste.

Hope that helps!

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Note: HD and 4K quality is possible!
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I've now moved to software specifically designed for whiteboarding... I then use PowerDIrector to integrate that clip into the rest of the video ...
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