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Crashes with HDR display
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I'm trying out a couple of 5K monitors and I thought I'd found a problem with very high res displays because both the bundled version (SR2) and the stand-alone version (SR4) crashed a few seconds after pressing record.

I knew they wouldn't support full screen pixel sizes of 5120x1440 or 5120x2160, so I locked each recorder to an app (which was PD365 running in a 1504x930 window) and tried frame rates of 120 and 30. However both SR2 and SR4 consistently crashed shortly after recording started.

After trying a few other things and filling out each crash report, I remembered that I'd set up the monitor in Windows to use HDR. I've never worked with HDR clips and I was eager to try that out, but that's what caused the crashes.

Obviously, SR can only record in 8-bit SDR but I hadn't thought that using 10-bits for the display would cause it to crash. Now I know.

Ideally, the current versions of SR would be patched to allow SDR recording on HDR displays, or at least to show a warning message stating that the display has to be switched to SDR mode in order to use SR.

I've reported this on ticket #CS002153473.

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