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PowerDirector Showcase - The Pretender by Jackson Browne - an interpretation by Carsten Peterson
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Senior Contributor Private Message Location: Darwen, UK Joined: May 15, 2008 04:32 Messages: 1949 Offline
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CP passed on a while ago but he was a great technical editor. He didn't shoot footage but mainly made up his stories by editing together audio tracks and footage from anywhere that suited his purpose - video, stills, cartoons whatever.

At first glance there was nothing to show he was creative - he'd spent all his life in construction, particularly in heavy rigging and craneage - so it was a surprise, particularly to him, to see the results of his editing achievements. He had a recording studio in his younger days, and his new found video editing alowed him to revive this long standing interest, he loved getting things seamless.

He was best known for his founding, along with with Tony, of PDToots and his contribution over the years to the PDR community has been very well respected. Always helpful, always polite and courteous on the forum, he was a great role model.

Only a few folk knew him well, he had an introspective take on life and was a very private individual - not that he was a rollover, he survived in the construction industry all his life - but he kept himself to himself in his later years, as his health declined.

Not so many folk knew his full portfolio but as it's an anniversary, I thought I'd link to his interpretation of Jackson Browne's "The Pretender".

It's intensley autobiographical, and for those of us who knew something of his past, it's not a comfortable watch but it does show how even the most private individual can communicate something personal through his skill as an editor.

I watch it from time to time to remind myself of the things I learnt from him and because it's a successful piece of editing that says something.

Thanks mate,

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Hi Adrian -

Thanks for the gentle poke! Yesterday was/would have been Carsten's birthday &, in honour of that, I was poking through some of the clever little snippets he'd send me.

You're right. He had a remarkable ability to translate things in audio & video. You're also right that watching a personal piece like "The Pretender" was not completely comfortable.

Thanks CP for all you gave this forum, & the people in it.

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Thank you, Adrian, for lighting a candle for our friend CP.
I miss him.

Just something.
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"Cranston" was a true gem of a man, and very creative.
I always loved the tone of his voice and how he delivered his narratives.
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