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Adjusting color presets (Underwater)
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arneu [Avatar]
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Hi, hope someone can help me on this - in PD365 you have color correction presets, like Underwater, both in the Action Camera menu and in the general Fix/Enhance menu.

Is there anywere I can see what color corrections this is actually applying to the clip and adjust them?

Use case is this: I am editing underwater video, and the predefined "Underwater" color correction is fine for some deeper clips, but it is over-correcting for the shallower clips, so I need less aggressive versions of it, but keeping the "profile" of the correction the same across the clips.
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Unfortunately, the color correction presets and LUTs in PD are fixed and can't be tweaked. If you have ColorDirector, you can edit the clips over there and access the fine-level control options.

If you don't have CD, probably the easiest option in PD is to apply the underwater preset to a timeline clip where the results look good - even in just a few frames of the clip - and then select that clip and an unedited one and choose Color Match.

You can then adjust the slider to tone down the effect if it's too intense. Note that you may want to cut the matched clip into smaller sections so you can apply differing degreees of the color match as lighting conditions change.

Another way of doing this is to spend the time to manually tweak the color temperature, hues, etc. from the Fix/Enhance menu. Once that's done, you can right-click on the original clip and choose Copy keyframe attributes, and then right clip on one or more destination clips and use right-click, Paste keyframe attributes.

Since you've copied the Fix/Enhance color settings from the original clip, you can easily tweak the copied settings individually using the same tools.

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