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Upgrading to 4K resolution.
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PD16 can input 3840x2160 4K videos. It ssmes like it can edit these videos.

Now, is PD able to render in the 4K resolutioln (3840x2160)?

Can PD create a blu-ray 4K file in .iso or mp4 formats for burning?

What are the plans for 4K/4830/2160 resolutions from Cyberlink?


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4K burning is on the Cyberlink to do-wish list for about 4 years. here's the Eugene is Huge ^^ (Eugene157) old posts...

UHD 4k Blu-ray Disc Creation , Why is there no UHD Blu Ray Disc burning?? , and Re:Any 4K burning software yet?, The answer is yes, sort off, in a way... .

and any landscape resolution not supported by the PD, you can create by modifying the Profile.ini...

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