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PowerDirector Showcase - Diving Ras Abu Soma, Soma Bay, Egypt
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I came across this again whilst re-organising some files and tested the 4k rendering in PDR 365 2405 by way of an experiment.

I've always liked this one, but thought I'd offer it up for some critique in this new forum! The 4k render is over the top but has made a small improvement from the original.

Originally shot in 720p and 1080p back in 2011. The aim was to produce a little journey along the Ras Abu Soma reef in the Red Sea to show my elderly mother and other family and friends and to give a gentle insight into the pleasures of diving on a nice reef in good visibility. All the video was edited in PDR, except for the opening title and the cartoon filter. The audio bed was composed outside of PDR.

The video is a compliation across maybe 14 dives in total - there are many takes before you can get 4 angel fish processing in shot for more than 2 secs! Fish are utterly frustrating for a videographer. Depths were from 0-35m, usually strong sunlight and the reflections in shallow water can blow out some of the colours a bit. 30-40m is the limit for the camera white balance compensation without lights, so at depth the familiar blue/grey dominates as the red is absorbed by the water column.

As with all scuba, white balance and camera stability are key - there are a couple of shaky bits where the camera retractor snagged but c'est la vie, and a couple of bits where my finning produced a wobble or two!. A couple of bits didn't really work but I kept them in anyway.

I'd be interested in comments, bearing in mind it's purpose - just a relaxing watch to showcase the underwater world - particularly relating to shot choice, length and continuity, audio suitability, and how it could have been improved - barring re-shooting sections of course, I'm sure the cast will have moved on by now!!


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